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Welcome to our Top Ten Selling Products Page

On this page you will find our current best selling light fittings. Please feel free to search through the list below and view the products that are currently proving very successful for us. This page is updated every month so don't forget to visit again in the future to see which fittings are currently popular with our online customers

Number 1 current best seller

Number 1 Best Seller: The Tugel   The Tugel Range, Satin Chrome, Modern Ceiling Fittings.
Number 2 current best seller
Number 2 Best Seller: The Doublet The Doublet Range, Antique Brass, Traditional Light Fittings.
Number 3 current best seller
Number 3 Best Seller: The Acqua Mirror The Acqua, Large, Low Voltage, Modern Bathroom Mirror.
Number 4 current best seller
Number 4 Best Seller: The Gemini Antique Brass The Gemini Range, Antique Brass, Modern Spotlight Fittings.
Number 5 current best seller
Number 5 Best Seller: The Airplane Light The Airplane, Satin Chrome, Modern Children's Ceiling Fittings.
Number 6 current best seller
Number 6 Best Seller: The Dubrovnik Verdi Gris The Dubrovnik Range, Verdi Gris, Traditional Outdoor Fittings.
Number 7 current best seller
Number 7 Best Seller: The Bauhaus Spotlights The Bauhaus Range, Satin Chrome, Modern Spotlight Fittings.
Number 8 current best seller
Number 8 Best Seller: The Lunardo Childrens Light The Lunardo, Coloured, Modern Children's Ceiling Fitting.
Number 9 current best seller
Number 9 Best Seller: The Crane Table Lamp OUT OF STOCK
Number 1 0 current best seller
Number 10 Best Seller: The Arena Floor Lamp The Arena, Satin Chrome, Modern Floor Standard Lamp.